Web Design Tips To Revamp A Website For 2019

Besides, it is worthy to note that building a business website is not a onetime deal, but it is an ongoing process. Additionally, recognizing the best time to revamp your site is always tricky. Discussed below are some of the best web design tips to revamp a website in 2019. Read on.

  1. Use of micro-animations

Animation has been a growing trend over the past years including the use of parallax scrolling to give your clients the best experience. Yet in 2019, the animation is appearing to be in a different dimension known as the micro animation. Micro animations are like minor movements that show up when your website browser does a specific section. You can think about them as road signs that help a visitor reach their destination. Besides functioning as a guide to the pages, these tiny, yet lively interactions can be used to add sparkles to your page and draw some of the outs of web traffic.

  1. Embracing Flat Design

Flat design is an uncluttered design tactic that features the use of bright colours, open space, clean, and simple two-dimensional illustrations. The rise of flat design is attributed to the need for fast loading speeds that offer users an enjoyable browsing experience on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, the design relies on simple illustrations which are less data-heavy than other sites that use large heavy visuals or images.

  1. Animated GIFS

Today, most users are in for instant gratifications. Thus, their minds come finding the information they are looking for. GIFS play a critical role in delivering complex ideas in a short period while still being engaging and entertaining at the same time. Even more, they work on nearly all the browsers and mobile devices, hence making them easily accessible to everyone accessing your website.

  1. Use of Conversational Bots and Machine Learning

There has been a steady rise in the use of conversational bots and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in creating websites. In fact, chatting with bots today has become a second nature of consumers and business alike. There has been an advancement in artificial intelligence and the capabilities of bots responding in time to answer consumer questions.

  1. Use of Abstract Shapes

In 2019, using abstract and large shapes is a trend that most developers are deploying on their websites. The use of versatile shapes gives will give your website an extra element of an intriguing, yet well-organized website design.