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Monthly archive for January 2013

The power of a franchise

Franchises are becoming more and more popular, as people constantly struggle to find new ideas or set up businesses of their own. Having a ‘ready-made’ business can be the perfect thing for those who want to be their own boss, without having to deal with a lot

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On-site ranking factors

Following on from my last video, panda recovery tips. This video looks at a few on-site SEO factors and gives a few tips to help your organic SEO placement. I take into account all of these factors and more when building websites see my SEO Webdesign page

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Panda Recovery Tips Video

Google have continued to refine their panda algorithym on the 22nd of January 2013 the ran they 24th refresh of it, has your site been hit? I have made a quick video which gives brief tips on how you can protect your organic SEO rankings and recover

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G+, Facebook or Twitter Which is Better?

It is a good idea to try and integrate social media into your online marketing strategy wherever possible, whenever I create a new blog post or get a guest post published on another site I always like to post it on my panda SEO G+ page, my

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Latest Press Releases

See some recent press releases below and feel free to get in touch for a quote, Google news listing guaranteed!!! s

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Online Marketing Plan

I have decided to create a 2013 business/marketing plan because I want my website rankings and bank account to resemble the graph to the left. A very important part of any business plan is S.W.O.T analysis. What is S.W.O.T analysis? It’s an Accronym for Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities,

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