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Monthly archive for June 2013

Matt Cutts Video on Google Disavow Links Tool

Following the latest Penguin 2.0 update, released by Google last month you might be considering using the disavow links tool, Matt Cutts said the Penguin 2.0  update was “more comprehensive” with “deeper targeting”. Google must have had a lot of people using the tool because they decided

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Choosing the Right Social Media

Businesses are constantly told they need to use social media in order to promote themselves. Unfortunately, this often results in businesses spreading themselves too thin across social media and then neglecting the accounts. An abandoned social media presence looks even worse than no presence at all. Yet

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Customer Service: Humanize Your Company in the Digital Age

Customers are humans — they want to get emails, advice and services from other humans. Need some proof? Marketing software company HubSpot experimented with including an employee’s name in the “from” field on marketing emails. The ones with an employee’s name prompted not only a higher open

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Why Web Hosting is Important To Your SEO

Google considers over 200 variables when they rank websites, but most people only focus on a handful of them, like backlinks, DoFollow links, PageRank, etc. What most people don’t consider is how their Web host affects their rankings. Believe it or not, a host can either help

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Ecommerce Web Design

Imagine: You walk into a store and you’re greeted with a pile of mess. The items are everywhere, you wouldn’t even know where to start. To top it all off, you just can’t seem to find anyone who can help you find what you’re after. Now imagine

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