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3 SEO Trends To Watch For In 2018

Don’t Give Up The Guest Posts Yet

There is very likely going to be a continuing market in 2018 which is facilitated through guest posts; in 2017/2018, guest blogging is alive and well and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

Why? For the same reason advertisement copy still defines magazine and newspaper advertisements. It’s fundamentally necessary. SEO and guest-blogging are just the next iteration of this necessity—they’re the digital version, if you will. So with this in mind, consider that many trends of 2018 in terms of SEO will be expansions on previous ones.

What you want to do is ensure that you continue to use that which is conducive to forward operations, provided it remains sustainable. You want to augment that with the adoption of new solutions as they become viable. Following are three trends worth considering in the following year.


1: The Long-Tail Keyword Factor

Another likely SEO trend in 2018 will be an expansion of long tail keywords; according to, “Long-tail keywords took the SEM industry by storm just seven years ago. In that time, many have forgotten how useful they still are.” In 2018, this usefulness is likely to be remembered, which will very possibly lead to a spike in long tail keyword use. Getting ahead of that trend now will give you competitive advantage in the market.

The best way to ensure you’ll be at the forward edge of 2018’s SEO trends is to keep abreast of advisements like those found here, and closely monitor the statistical data associated with your SEO optimization efforts. When you see the numbers start to drop, then it’s time to look at new solutions—but don’t cut things off entirely until you’ve got some new kind of marketing solution.

Dove-tailing from this is the reality that vocalized searches—I.E., an end user saying something like: “Siri, find me a restaurant in San Diego.”—are going to become increasingly prodigious as technology begins to meet human imagination. Long tail keywords will be, as you may have surmised, very useful here as well. Anticipate the coming voice-based SEO shift.

2: Featured Snippets

Basically, featured snippets are small explanations for common questions which show up immediately in the search bar when someone types in (or vocally asks) a question. What this means for you as an SEO engineer is that you must commission writings that provide such featured snippets.

Usually such snippets are around fifty words in length, and you’ll find questions have that “long tail” quality to them. People want to naturally ask a question and either have their device answer them, or have a quickly scannable blurb pop up. Get ahead of this trend and you’ll see a lot of traffic.


3: Visual Search Considerations

This is just what it sounds like. Visual search is an innovation that reduces the time it requires for a user to find something. Forward SEO trends have to consider that people are more visually literate than they are textually literate as a rule. A visual search engine properly employed is a huge game-changer—even to the individual social level.

A visual search engine could find a fugitive in a massive city using internet-connected cameras. Get ahead of this trend by featuring a strong visual element in all your SEO efforts. Ensure whatever visuals you use directly pertain to the products and services of your business. People could eventually see ads for your business just because they took a picture.

That can mean pictures of your business’s marquee, office, products, and how services may appear could drive traffic. Videos are also important. Get as much footage as you can, as many photos as you can, and liberally pepper them through your content as possible. Additionally, use popular images likely to be searched which have some relation to your products or services. Think of it like hashtags, but pictorial.

Ahead Of The Competition

If you’ve got content configured to anticipate future trends, when they do become game-changers, you’ll already have your foot in the door, giving you competitive edge. Through visual search expansion, featured snippets, and long tail keyword facilitation, you’re likely going to see more effective SEO marketing in 2018.

There are quite a few additional trends expected to define the coming year. Take some time to sit down and determine which trends are most doable for your business. With SEO, results are seldom if ever immediate—it’s a marketing chess game that transitions with time. So play successfully by planning out your moves in advance.

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