5 Great Tips To Help You Succeed In Video Marketing

It is without a doubt when it comes to engagement, video marketing rules. Even a short video of about 10 seconds can tell an extensive story, generate emotional cues and appeal to a wider range of people’s senses other than other content. The reason behind this is that our brains respond well and absorb visual content better than the long passage of text. Arguably, video marketing is one of the best mediums for advertising and marketing. It is indeed a perfect tool to help reinforce your brand identity through a personalized and emotional connection with your clients.

Notably, video marketing has been around for decades, however, ease of uploading videos has never been easy than it is today. Thus, business is taking advantage of this consumer-friendly format to create and promote interesting, yet engaging video content to get their products and ideas go viral and wide, to the global audience. In this guide, therefore, we highlight 5 Great Tips to Help You Succeed in Video Marketing. Read on.

  1. Focus on the story, not sales.

The internet is already cluttered with a heap of content focusing on sales and people always ignore such content. Thus, you will not love to join the bandwagon. In case you want your video to be watched and reach a wide audience, it needs to have value to the viewers. Most videos that are purely focused on driving sales or brands are likely to be ignored. Moreover, the best video content tells stories that purely connect with the viewers. The more you tell stories about yourself the likelihood viewers will understand what your firm is offering and what they stand for.

  1. Keep the video punchy and short

Video length is an aspect that you should always investigate. Research indicates that consumers have a shorter attention span. Therefore, your videos should be short and punchy. In fact, shorter videos have higher conversion rates than longer ones. Today, the ideal length of marketing video should last for a minute. However, do not miss to pass your message across just to have a shorter video.

  1. Make your video interactive

It is worthy to note that consumer behaviours are always changing. You fail to keep up with it and boom you are left behind. However, creating a video every time your audience changes is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, the best way to create content that last and has an impression is to make videos that are interactive.

  1. Add a call to action button

One of the biggest most business make is to allow the video to completely fade to black without informing your clients what you want them to do. By allowing that, it is the worst since you will have a great video without any direction. Nonetheless, to make your video great, the last few minutes should include your call to action button and your contact information. Ensure that the call to action button direct consumers exactly where you want them to be directed to.

  1. Post the video in different locations

The location where you post your video can be a problem since your consumers might be on different platforms than you. It will not make any economic sense to post the video on your website if most of your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, you really need to think about how to expand your distribution channels.