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5 Online Directory Submissions With SEO Benefits Guest Post

If you have been researching ways to promote your website, you surely already know that search engine optimisation is an essential. SEO has gotten a little more complicated since recent Google algorithm changes, however, so you might be unsure of exactly how to optimise your website. Although keyword research, good content and establishing good links with other websites owners in your niche can help, one great option that you should consider is listing your website on a few online directories. Not only can people find your site through these online directories, but you can also use them to help boost your website’s search engine ranking. Not all online directories are created equally when it comes to SEO, however, so it is important to use the right online directories if you want to see your page make it to the top of the search engine rankings.

Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project, also known as, is ranked as the top online directory for those who are looking to submit their sites to directories for SEO purposes. has been around for years, and the site offers various categories for sites from nearly any niche.

Yahoo! Directory

The Yahoo! Directory is a great way to help your site rank in search engines. This directory is run by the world-known search engine mogul, and it has been around since 1995. Although there are a lot of benefits to listing your site with the Yahoo! Directory, it is a little costly. If you can shell over the cash, however, you are sure to find that it is worth your while in the long run.


Another directory to consider for SEO purposes is ipl2, an online directory that allows people to search for sites by subject. It also offers separate sections for kids and teens, which might be helpful if your niche targets people in younger age groups.

Although it isn’t the ideal site for every niche, those who have websites that are related to the business industry do quite well in search engine rankings due to having their websites listed on, and your business-related site could benefit from being listed in this directory as well.


WhatUSeek isn’t only an online directory, but it also functions as a search engine. It is easy to have your site listed on WhatUSeek, and your site can benefit from higher search engine rankings in a relatively short period of time.

Although you certainly don’t have to link your site to all of these online directories right away, doing so over time can seriously help you raise your search engine rankings on major search engine sites like Google. Along with offering solid back links from reliable sites that have been around for years, these online directories also make it easier for its visitors to find your site based on your particular niche, and search engine spiders are more likely to crawl your website more quickly if you are listed on a few of these directories.

Post Written by Monica Chamber

Monica teaches part-time in website analytics in Sydney. She has spent five years working for a high profile search marketing agency in New York before relocating to Australia with her family.

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