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6 ways a social media strategy helps your SEO

If you are looking for a foolproof way to increase your followers and website conversion rates, it is time to invest in a social media strategy. Creating an intelligent social media marketing plan will help you reach your conversion goals in a shorter time period. According to a research by Fast Company, more than 93% of ecommerce marketers use social media platforms to promote their products. Social media guides your customers’ purchasing decision.

The link between social media marketing and SEO is tightly woven. Both of them are platforms that focus on attracting organic visitors. This is why, if your social media strategy is well planned and focuses on a strong brand presence, it can do wonders for your search engine rankings. Here is a list of 6 social media practices, that can boost your SEO in no time.

1- Increasing followers

The more followers you have on your social media profile, the higher your rankings will be. This is a simple formula, that many ecommerce businesses fail to understand. A small organization with a mere 100 likes on Facebook, won’t receive the same ranking as a full-fledged business with a million likes.

However, it is important to stay away from random fake profiles. Don’t think Google can’t detect the quality of your likes or followers. Buying bulk proxy likes on Facebook won’t get you anywhere. Instead, try to increase your following as organically as possible. It is a slow process, but if your product is good and you are consistent with your content strategy, you’ll definitely reach your goals.

Try to interact with your users on a daily basis. Answer queries in a timely manner and post articles are helpful and interesting to read. Conversions and customer engagement are the secrets behind maintaining and increasing social media following.

2- Increased external site links

Social media is an excellent source to boost your SEO rankings because it provides many opportunities for external sites to link with your content. In order to gain more authority in the eyes of Google, your website should have diverse external links. However, this will only be possible if you work towards maintaining high-quality content.

Social media acts as a perfect channel to broadcast your content towards a wider audience. If your content is original and useful, it will serve as a bait and attract the right audience.

3- Optimizes content for searches

After news articles and Knowledge Graph entries, Google tends to bring up popular social media stories in the top section of its SERPs. You can make use of this fact, if your content is optimized accordingly. One of the ways in which you can make your content SEO favorable is by creating a catchy title.

The title of your content (whether it is a video, written article or infographic), will act as an anchor. This is why it should contain the seasonal keywords. This will increase your chances of coming up in search results with an improved ranking.

4- Promotes social sharing

Social sharing is a phenomenon that contributes towards the authority of your brand, in the same way external links do. Popular search engines, like Google, prefer websites that are backed by a verifiable external source. So, the more shares you have on your Facebook posts, the higher they will show up in search engine rankings. The best part is that all social media activities like likes, shares, replies, retweets etc. are sources that indicate authority. So, put an interactive status on Facebook or hold a competition that encourages likes and shares.

5- Increases local SEO

Social media is also the perfect platform for locally optimized posts. Stay active within the local community, as that sends signals of local-specific authority to all search engines. The best way to achieve this is by participating in a local event and by interacting with other local brands through social media.

Whenever you participate in a local event, make sure to post about it on social media and don’t forget to post pictures so that local residents comment actively. This will reinforce your brand’s participation in the community, thus allowing you to rank higher in local searches.

7- Increasing brand awareness

Focusing on increased customer engagement and high-quality content syndication on social media will definitely lead towards an increased online brand presence. This increased brand presence will ensure that your brand name pops up in more searches. Needless to say, a strong brand presence will allow better search visibility throughout.


These are some of the main ways in which a successful social media strategy can help your SEO. Remember, there is no way to improve your online authority, other than offering your customers an enjoyable experience. If you succeed in doing so, you’ll reach your conversion goals sooner than you think.


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