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7 Winning Strategies for YouTube SEO

I am keen on using every available online resource when it comes to online marketing and SEO, especially if it’s free and I don’t neglect the video sharing site YouTube. A viral video can have a great impact in the overall promotion of a site, but it is difficult to create a viral video. You never know what will catch the attention of the finicky YouTube crowd.

I have written about how I create my videos here.

Once you make your video you need to promote it properly, below are some tips to boost your videos popularity:


  1. Promote Your Video On Social Networking Sites

Promote the video on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Paste the link from YouTube or embed and share it directly. Make sure you are adding a small but interesting description with the link.


  1. Keep The Suspense Alive By Posting a Periodic Series of Videos

Invest in making good videos. Once you can get your audience hooked to the quality of your videos, you might have them asking for more through a series of videos to explain a particular story. However, make sure to break a bigger story into a number of small but complete stories. With each story, make a complete video. An incomplete story does no good to your popularity and subsequent acceptance.


  1. Optimize The Name Of The Video

To see people get access to your YouTube video via Google and Bing, make sure that you optimise the title of your video with the keyword combination that you would want to rank for. Try including the word video in the title, as many people will put that in Google to search for videos. “How to find the best YouTube tips video” for example.


  1. Tag The Video With Keywords

YouTube lets you tag the videos with keywords. Conduct a bit of keyword research before you create your video and come up with relevant words to tag it. Try the Google adwords tool for this.


  1. Use The Description Section Of The Video

Make good use of the description section, put up a catchy description and include your keywords in it. This description will determine the interest level of your prospective audience, so make sure it reads and sounds good. You should carefully employ this definitive YouTube SEO strategy.


  1. Associate Links To Your Video

Associate your YouTube account with links to your website, blog and your social media pages. If you have a good and trendy video, you can be assured of a good amount of traffic. Make sure the landing page is worthy of the promises you make in the video.

  1. Interact With Your Audience

The last, but not the least YouTube strategy is to realise that the site is a video sharing, social media site where you can like a video or interact with other users. Make useful and engaging comments under other videos to draw the attention of users. Engaging in good and creative discussions is a great way to build brand reputation.

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