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Choosing the Right Social Media

Businesses are constantly told they need to use social media in order to promote themselves. Unfortunately, this often results in businesses spreading themselves too thin across social media and then neglecting the accounts. An abandoned social media presence looks even worse than no presence at all.

Yet it’s little wonder that this happens. Maintaining an equal presence across all social media can be time-consuming. Furthermore, depending on the business, not all social media will yield the same results. The best strategy is to choose one form of social media to primarily focus on. Businesses might think of this particular social media network as their “home.” The chosen social media will depend on what type the business is most comfortable with, what the business hopes to achieve with the social media and the audience the business is hoping to reach.

Facebook may have the widest demographic reach at the moment. All ages, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds flock to Facebook. Businesses interested in cultivating a relationship with a wide audience may want to focus mainly on Facebook to keep customers informed, offer promotions and more.

By contrast, Twitter users tend to be more urban than rural, and the network attracts a large population of African American users. Twitter is useful for sharing and gathering links to information, distributing up-to-the-minute information and keeping abreast of trends. For trendy businesses and those who need to keep up with or disseminate a constant stream of real-time information, Twitter is an excellent choice; it can also be a good tool for tracking and dealing with customers complaints.

Considerably more women than men use Pinterest, so for a visually-based business that wants to position itself to appeal to women in general, this may be the best choice. Design, photography, crafts and other businesses that can be heavily promoted with images will find a useful home in Pinterest.

There is a perception that Google Plus is a somewhat underused social network, but analytics consistently show that it continues to draw users and outrank other networks such as Twitter. Google Plus can be used much in the same way as Facebook, and businesses can post video, links and more. Many users are young men under the age of 25, so businesses hoping to target this audience may want to focus their efforts on Google Plus.

Dozens of social networks exist, and a couple more bear mentioning. YouTube can be a good choice for any business that can promote itself using video content such as a company focusing on music or other performing arts. YouTube could also be utilized for how-to demonstrations or an ongoing series of videos that advertise a company’s goods or services. The other type of social network worth particular consideration is one of the various blogging platforms. With a blog, a business can keep content on a website fresh and engage with customers in the contents section.

Once one type of social media is chosen as a business’s home, other social media can be used primarily to link back to it. For example, a business promoting itself heavily on YouTube might tweet each time it uploads a new video. With this more focused strategy toward social media, a business can better reach its key demographic and keep fresh content in front of the customers it most wants to reach.

  • Joe McCord

    It bugs me that people don’t use Google+ more. It bests all the other social networks on features.

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