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Creating And Maintaining A Great Facebook Page

Whether you have a website or not, you should definitely have a dedicated Facebook page for your business. They are kind of like a single page website and they are a good way of adding to your online presence you would need to optimiSe your page’s SEO content, especially the title of the page, this will ensure that it is found easily when the relevant keywords are put into Facebook/Google search. You would probably like to appear in search engines? So it makes sense to do whatever you can to search engine optimise your page.

Choosing A Page Title

If you are still to choose the page title, it is recommendable that you choose a catchy and relevant one, which would possibly appear in the search engine results for relevant keyword searches. This will probably require some brainstorming and a bit of research, try using the Adwords keyword tool to see if it can help you with keyword ideas. Choosing a proper title and a proper category for the page is also very important. Along with title, there is the about us section to take care of. Make sure that you write an impressive about us. It should also be optimised with keywords, but should not seem stuffed or unnatural. Approximately 7 out of 10 visitors to your page will read the about us to decide whether to ‘like’ your page or not. The other 3 might be more impulsive likes. People will probably like your page if you have interesting content and media on it. This brings us to the importance of high quality content.

Content And Rich Media On The Page

There should be text status updates, relevant images and videos on your Facebook page. The content on your page should be high quality, interactive, engaging relevant and interesting. Even if you are thinking that you do not have sufficient likes to cater for good content, you should not compromise with the quality. Send across like invitations to all your friends and any existing customers. But at the same time, keep trying to make the page more and more interesting. Your status should say a story. Try to say a story with visuals. Stunning visuals and text together can have a spellbinding effect on the audience. From your page you can redirect valuable traffic to your own website or any affiliate offers that you want to promote. Create great albums, tag people… the possibilities for promoting your page are endless. There are also the insight/analytics tools that you have access to once you have more than the minimum 30 likes. Use these tools to interpret the sensibility of your target audience and create posts accordingly.

Like Other Pages

You want to share stuff. So, start searching facebook as your page administrator (facebook actually lets you decide your voice). Start finding relevant pages to yours and start liking them, you might even be able to find some inspiration on these pages.

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