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Do Link Wheels Still Work?

link wheelFollowing the recent algorithm updates I was wondering if link wheels still work and I thought you might be too.

What is a link wheel?

It’s an seo technique which used to be very effective in helping to improve website rankings, basically a link wheel consists of several web 2.0 sites which all link to one another and then to your money site. You could have a second layer of spam links like blog comments linking to your web 2.0 properties.  It’s a pretty extremely black hat method, links wheels would create links intended to manipulate PageRank and obviously rankings Googles not to keen on this idea, I can’t find any guidance from Bing but I doubt they are either.

Do they work?

No, link wheels don’t work and they would probably be dangerous to your rankings. Why don’t link wheels work anymore? They don’t work because they leave an obvious footprint.

It’s very easy for search engines to detect a link wheel when it is closed, (all the web 2.0 sites link to each other) some black hat SEO’s now use open or broken link wheels, this means that their is a missing link or the links are randomly made between the Web 2.0 properties. Would an open link wheel work? I don’t think it would be worth the risk or the money/time.

In Googles dream land they think/claim you just need to create  “great content” and other sites will link to it, this is not really possibly though is it? Many sites just starting out don’t have the money to pay for adwords ads to promote their business and content, many businesses just aren’t going to link to each other (their competitors) are they?

For example if you are an electrical merchants in Slough it’s unlikely you have time to manage a blog, it’s even more unlikely an electrician in Oxford is going to run a similar blog and link to your article on changing a light switch. So what can you do?

Is there a white hat way to build a link wheel?

How can you build ethical links when there is no one to link to you or your website is new and you are still building a social media pressence? There are a few ways you can still build links that aren’t spammy like manual directory submissions, press releases (submit your press releases to sites that actually get traffic from google news and real journalists, you might even get a mention on TV and links from local or national newspapers). You could also start your own web 2.0 blogs and build links to them, use quality content don’t use spun articles.

You might prefer to outsource seo to an ethical link builder so you can get on with running your business.

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