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What I Do Differently

To understand what makes Panda SEO services different we first need to know a little bit about search engines, their history and how SEO was born. The internet’s first search engine was called Alta Vista, I am too young to remember Alta Vista but I heard it was slow and when they eventually did arrive it’s results were a little bit irrelevant. After a while Lycos and Ask Jeeves took over from Alta Vista, they tried to improve results with human editors and relevancy signals. They were still slow and search results still needed improvement.

Google was created and quickly took over the search engine market, the search results provided by Google were much more useful and Google retrieved them more quickly. Google was more relevant because they created an algorithm which used links as ranking signals, Google thought that sites with more links had better content.

Links Became Votes

Google developed an algorithm which used something called Pagerank, Google used this to gage the trust other webmasters had in web pages. Google stopped making Pagerank updates public last year and they say they now have over 200 factors in their ranking algorithm but they admit that inbound links are still a major part of that ranking algorithm.

SEO is a Bit Different These Days

Lot’s of SEOs abused Google’s ranking algorithm and so SEO needs to be performed a bit differently now than it was back in the 90’s, Google have run a number of algorithm updates removing sites that abused their algorithm. Two of the most famous are updates Panda and Penguin. These updates mean the wrong types of links from the wrong types of content on the wrong types of sites won’t help your website and may even get you punished, the sudden loss of search traffic feels like punishment anyway.

So Why is Panda SEO Different?

Basically we will provide results, we will improve your organic search rankings but we won’t do anything to make Google punish you. See more about our methods at the bottom of this page or take a look at the blog to learn more about SEO.

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With offices located in Slough, Berkshire and London, EC1 Panda SEO are conveniently located for the M4 Corridor, Heathrow and London. I am an experienced Search Engine Optimiser and owner of about 20 websites.

What I Offer

I can offer comprehensive and cost effective online marketing packages for companies all over the UK and face to face website consultations to businesses located in the Berkshire area this includes local towns like Slough, Windsor, Reading and London. Online marketing help for companies looking to build their local, national and global online presence. Help for customers whether they are looking to establish a completely new site with keenly priced website packages. Or want to increase the exposure their existing website receives.

Freelance SEO Consultant With Offices in Berkshire & London

Full website performance reviews, keyword research, link building and social media services. I am so confident I offer guaranteed seo plans, try the service for three months and if you don’t get a significant increase in traffic you will get all your money back.
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Freelance Linkbuilder

If you prefer to do your own SEO or don’t want to commit to investing in your businesses online marketing every month, you might prefer to try guest blogging, local SEO, press release writing and distribution on a freelance basis with no monthly commitment.

Link Building

All links are built ethically, no spam, no link wheels or mass blog comments. It is now more important than ever to choose an ethical SEO company not only to help you attain but also maintain your search engine rankings. Google has patented several algorithm updates designed to detect webspam, if you use a cheap SEO company you may not only be wasting your money but also endangering your website rankings.

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