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G+, Facebook or Twitter Which is Better?

socialIt is a good idea to try and integrate social media into your online marketing strategy wherever possible, whenever I create a new blog post or get a guest post published on another site I always like to post it on my panda SEO G+ page, my berkshire web consultants facebook page and my Panda SEO Services twitter page.

It is fair to say and widely agreed that sharing your pages via social networks can help drive traffic to your site, I would agree it helps get the page indexed quicker and seems to help pages stay indexed too but are there any other SEO benefits?

Which Social Network is Best for Your Site?


A while ago I wrote a post titled Facebook Page or Group, it explains the differences between groups and pages on the social networking site and concludes that if you want to use Facebook for your business you should set-up a page, if you don’t have a Facebook profile for your business you should read the post.

As the article explains pages are indexable by search engines and groups are not, if you set up and correctly optimise your page you should be able to get another property in the search results, at least for your brand or business name. When you post links on Facebook they are no follow though, these types of links don’t have that much impact on your rankings in Google but it’s natural to have a mixture of no follow and do follow links to your site, you shouldn’t set up a Facebook page just for the links but the links are still worth having. Facebook can obviously be an excellent source of traffic, I find it works best for websites aimed directly at the consumer as opposed to business clients.


Creating a Twitter profile and including your keywords or business name in the profile used to be a good idea to gain another search engine ranking, I have not seen many Twitter profile pages in search results lately though. Twitter like Facebook links are no follow and therefore have little influence in Google rankings.

Twitter I have found is handy for targetting both consumers and business users. Twitter is also an excellent medium for reputation management, many organisations use it to keep in contact with their customers and offer customer service.

Google +g+

Google+ is similar to Facebook in that you can use it to create pages, groups, etc. Google+ doesn’t have a very big user base though, not compared to Facebook or Twitter, I find most people on this network are geeky, tech types, webmasters, SEOs, photographers, etc. it is quite new compared to the other 2 though so it’s user base will possible grow but Google have unsuccessfully attempted to conquer the social networking space before.

One difference between G+ and the other 2 is that links posted on the site are do follow, do these links have any influence on rankings? Matt Cutts says “Not really a direct effect” about 32 minutes into the below¬†video. He also talks about Google authorship and its benefit for bloggers.

However if your friend +1’s a page and then you do a search for a related term whilst logged into G+, Google will rank the page your friend has liked with a message saying “your friend recommends this” or something like that.

Due to the different kind of user demographic I think the best network for you depends on your business and the kind of people your business targets.

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