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Guest Post: Appropriate Marketing Opportunities

A fantastic idea with email marketing is to take advantage of current events, but it is not something that a lot of companies really catch on to. When there are events that capture people’s interest people are already going to read about them and look into them for more information and are more likely to take interest in an email that features information about that topic. Equally there is a greater chance of your recipient actually sharing your email and passing it on if they find it has information concerning something interesting and current. In most cases a little bit of research is all it takes to get some interesting ideas rolling.

If you can’t think of a current event then look to the holidays for inspiration, Christmas themes, Easter themes and seasonal advertising are among the most successful as it appeals to the major concerns of the customers and allows you to gain their immediate interest. These are also some of the more likely emails to be passed on to others given that they contain topics that are widely considered to be relative to the majority of people.

Of course its not the little members of the market who are thinking about the next big thing they can do, there are a lot of marketing campaigns that have been very successful in gaining interest of the media and consumers. April Fool’s Day is a great example, although it is rarely shown in email marketing there are a number of people who just love to see what silly pranks companies will be pulling. In a lot of cases information about these becomes viral and is shared through emails and social networking making it an effective form of marketing.

Youtube for example announced on April 1st that their competition would be closing, this was under the suggestion that the original purpose of Youtube had been to find the greatest video on the internet and that it was now time for the competition to end and a winner to be chosen. Now – telling all of your customers and advertisers that you’re going to be closing forever might not seem like a particularly great idea when you first think about it, but when you look more carefully it is actually brilliant. Youtube specifically announced that everyone should go and watch their favourite videos before they were all gone – perhaps the single most important part of this.

What your marketing department could learn from this is the importance of an instruction, the essential part of this whole campaign is this single suggestion. People might be thinking ‘oh no, I’ll have to find another place to upload videos of my cat’ at first, but once they read this sentence they are suddenly thinking about every youtube video they ever enjoyed and which ones they should be re-watching first. It is of no real surprise that Youtube got such heavy traffic on April first before people started to realise that it was in fact an April Fools.

Naturally Youtube weren’t the only corporate giants to employ such childish pranks on their consumers. Did you hear about Google Nose, the device that allows you to share smells across the internet or Google Treasure Maps, the addition to Google Maps that will allow you to find buried pirate treasure near you? They’re pretty foolish ideas and not many people believe them (at least not after looking into it), but the fact of the matter is that people are looking into these things to figure it out, then sharing it with their friends hoping to get the satisfaction of tricking them and justifying the fact that they were fooled. With this sort of psychology your brand name spreads like a viral video, but without the effort of producing a video.

Something as simple as telling a lie to a few people on your mailing list can be beneficial, but remember not to push your luck. This is only funny on April Fool’s Day – the rest of the time you’re just a company that lies. There are a number of interesting opportunities for you to push your brand name using amusing or interesting emails and should you keep the bulk of these to key events or holidays you won’t have to worry as much about spamming your recipients.

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Jake is extremely interested in the email marketing strategy and the benefits it has towards your company.

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