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Guest Posting Guidelines

I offer a guest blog posting service because I think it is a good way to build links and I am always greatful when a blogger publishes one of my posts. Fortunately, I don’t think I have ever had a post rejected but I would probably be a little bit hurt if I did get turned down and I hate it when people don’t reply.

I have always tried to reply to requests in the past and don’t like to turn guest bloggers down, I don’t have time to update this blog as often as I should and am always glad to be able to publish new content but some of the posts I have been getting lately are shocking!!!

To save your time and mine I am going list below some very simple rules, if you send me a post and I dont’t publish it or reply reading the below rules will probably help you understand why.

Guest Blogging Rules

1. Posts must be unique.

2. Posts must be written in reasonable english, not great english. I am not Chaucer and don’t expect you to be but your writing needs to make sense.

3. Posts must not link to a direct competitor.

4. You must be willing to share your post with your friends on at least one social network.

5. Your post must be relevant to my site. Check the categories on my blog they are: Google, Link Building, On-site SEO, Business, Advertising and Social Media, does your post fit one of these categories? No? Don’t email me.

6. Posts can be any length as long as they are interesting and informative but I prefer longer ones.

7. Post must not be re-written or spun.

8. Links are allowed within the content as long as they are relevant and add value to it.

If you can create a guest post that follows the above rules, please use this form to contact me.

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