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How to use meta tags

Meta tags help search engine spiders know what your website is about, they should be placed in the head section of your web page between the <head> </head> tags.

You can use lots of different types tags the main Three are described below.


The title tag is extremely important to search engines, it’s used as the title of your website in search results. When deciding on your title you should take your time, do keyword research and competitive analysis. You want to find the lowest competition search term with the highest search volume, obviously you want to keep it relevant to your page and website content.


The meta description provides the text that will display in the search results, this meta tag can influence your click through rate, so you want to make it as appealing as you possibly can.


The meta keywords tag is not as important as it used to be, Google says they don’t use the keywords tag at all. They say too many people have spammed it too many times.

Bing also says the keyword tag was abused to often and so they pay little attention to it .

See more about what Bing says here

Should you use meta keywords

Bing advises you use the meta keywords tag for secondary keywords, use your primary keywords in the title and description.

So I take this to mean, if you wanted to rank for Green Apples and you where located in Slough, people could visit you to buy apples but you could also sell the apples Worldwide.

Therefore the term Green Apples would bring you the most traffic and would not have much competition (I am guessing), so you would want to rank for that primarily and you would use the term Green Apples in your Title and Description, Slough would be in your Meta Keywords.

I recently took the meta keywords tag off of one of my sites and saw a big drop in rankings and obviously traffic, I also made some other alterations but when I put this tag back the site moved back up the rankings? All the sites I find in number 1 position for the terms I am interested in use the keywords tag – so I think you should you use it. What do you think?

There is many other tags you can use like Author, Copyright, Designer, Language and loads more.

The basic meta tag looks like this, don’t use sentences in the keywords tag, I just use 1 word seperated by commas.

<title>Title Tag</title>
<meta name=” ” content=”Make it good” />
<meta name=” ” keywords=”slough, delicous, tasty, apples, green “/>

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