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Our Local SEO comes with a guarantee, see below to learn more. We are confident enough to offer a guarantee because we have attained excellent rankings for Panda SEO Services and several clients. We will boost your local listings too! It doesn’t matter whether you are a solicitor in Slough, a takeaway in Swindon or a Hotel in Reading, we guarantee you will see results! Panda SEO services have helped clients all over the world to boost their local search rankings. Below are screenshots of our own rankings for this very site:

Why Not Try Our Local Marketing Expertise Risk Free?

In today’s world the majority of people look for what they need online. For most businesses in this day and age it is essential to have a strong online presence, an online presence can provide better results and is often more cost effective than traditional forms of marketing such as news paper ads, etc.

Our local SEO experts will help your company get to the top of the Google’s organic listings and Google Maps, once we have finished with your site local customers will be able to easily find the products or services that you offer.

Below are some genuine reviews from satisfied customers:

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Our Local SEO Checklist

Before we begin local citations or link building for a site we check it is optimised for best results, we check for:

Schema Markup

Dublin Core


KML files

If you don’t have these files on the site we can supply them with installation instructions or we can add them for you. To learn more about these files and what they do read our local SEO blog posts, here and here.

The Importance of a G+ Page

SEO Results

seo consultant

The above two screenshots were taken as I performed searches on Mozilla Firefox in incognito or private mode, I take all my screenshots this way so the the results I see are in no way biased. The screenshots show my details in the top right of search results for two competitive terms, one of which SEO is very competitive and the other SEO Consultant Berkshire not so much but it still gives me a nice feeling to see my info on the top right of that page.

Google has been showing these kind of results for a while now, they call it the knowledge graph. By using my Local SEO and Google+ experience I have managed to get in to this highly lucrative spot for several different sites and search terms.

Results in 4 Months or You Get Your SEO Free

Exclusive offer for local SEO clients. Panda SEO Services are so confident that we can provide results for our local SEO clients in 4 months that if we don’t provide them we will work free. We will discuss your requirements with you from the start, we will work with you to decide on the results you want within 4 months and if we don’t get the results you expect within the 4 month time frame we will work for free until you do get them.

The 4 Months or Free offer is only available to local SEO clients who use Panda SEO Services consistently over a period of 4 months or more.

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5/5 stars

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UK Based Local SEO Expert September 6, 2015

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