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Matt Cutts Video Compilation

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Matt Cutts is head of Google’s webspam team and one the most famous faces at Google, a large part of his fame is probably because of all the video’s he makes giving webmasters advice on how they can make their websites rank better.

I thought it would be good to put together a little compilation of the videos, Matt Cutts tips on how to make your website rank better.

How Google Search Works

This is a good video for anyone new to SEO, it explains how search works. In it he says about the importance of pagerank.

How to Get Pagerank

This video explains what page rank is and how to get it, it’s about the number of links that point to you and how important they are.

Social Signals and Ranking

Talks about how social signals from sites like Facebook and Twitter are used for ranking a website.

Too Many Links

Nothing wrong with too many links apparently.

The Panda Update

What the Panda Algorithm is.

2011 SEO Strategy

Your site needs to be fast, no 404 errors and social media marketing is important.

Apparently Google are going to be making some more webmaster videos next week and you can submit your questions.

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