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Panda Tips

Panda is an update from Google, the worlds “preeminent search engine” the update was first released globally in April 2011. The panda goal was to lower the ranking of what google deems to be low quality websites. Sites with thin content, too much advertising and sites that scrape content were the pandas primary quarry.

You can see Googles bullet points for Panda recovery here. The post is called “More guidance on building high quality sites” I am wondering if Google is being a bit arrogant of late? What makes them the authority on quality sites? Why did so many people with sites they thought were high quality get hit, many complained scraper sites (that panda was supposed to target) had scraped their content and actually out ranked them. Maybe due to the complaints Google has made some changes to this algorithm since it first rolled out, the latest incarnation being Panda 3.9 rolled out on July 24th 2012.

Tips to recover from panda

Produce unique content

Delete low quality pages

Remove excessive ads

Write naturally, avoid keyword stuffing

Reduce your sites bounce rate

Increase your sites load speed

But now we have another Black and White animal to worry about, it’s called the penguin. The peguin update was first released globally in April 2012, this algorithm seems to be attacking sites with unnattural link profiles, sites that have over optimized for the same anchor text. See yesterdays penguin post here.

Tomorrow’s post will be penguin recovery tips.

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