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Choosing the Right Social Media

Businesses are constantly told they need to use social media in order to promote themselves. Unfortunately, this often results in businesses spreading themselves too thin across social media and then neglecting the accounts. An abandoned social media presence looks even worse than no presence at all. Yet

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Guest Post: How to create participation during events with social media

Out with the Old A decade ago, event organizers set up their various functions with a flurry of phone calls, emails, and mailings. Flyers were sent out and sign-up sheets were posted and all of us more or less managed to survive. Attendees communicated with their friends

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G+, Facebook or Twitter Which is Better?

It is a good idea to try and integrate social media into your online marketing strategy wherever possible, whenever I create a new blog post or get a guest post published on another site I always like to post it on my panda SEO G+ page, my

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Creating And Maintaining A Great Facebook Page

Whether you have a website or not, you should definitely have a dedicated Facebook page for your business. They are kind of like a single page website and they are a good way of adding to your online presence you would need to optimiSe your page’s SEO

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Facebook Page or Group

If your considering creating a Facebook presence for your business you might be wondering whether it is better to do it via a page or group, the short answer to this question is create a page. I say this for the reasons below: 1. With a page

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