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What Exactly is Google Penguin and How Does it Affect Your Business

Google is the major search engine, the world’s pre-eminent search engine if we read their own meta description. From time to time the search engine giant releases major updates of its algorithm, they say they do this in order to suit their users. Penguin is one of

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My sites been hit by the latest Google update what should I do?

Is 2012 going to be remembered as the year of Google updates? We in the online marketing world have had some devastating updates unleashed on us this year the major one was of course penguin, panda is still being reincarnated and now this past Friday 28th September

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Matt Cutts Video Compilation

                      Matt Cutts graphic by Matt Cutts is head of Google’s webspam team and one the most famous faces at Google, a large part of his fame is probably because of all the video’s he makes

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Penguin Recovery

As I said in my last post about the Google penguin update todays post is going to be about recovering from the penguin. When the penguin update was first released earlier this year there where all kinds of suggestions and recovery tips as to how you could

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The Penguin Update

Since I named this site after one of Googles recent algorythm updates and (it’s a pretty hot topic right now) my first blog post is going to be about the nasty penguin, I have read many blogs and watched many videos about this update so I think

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