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Two Quick Local SEO Videos

In the two very quick videos below (don’t think I will be winning an Oscar) I explain how to add MicroData, Geotags and Dublin Core to your WordPress website. Microdata Geotags – Backup The File First Safer Way to Add Code to Your Header.php File

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Using Tools, Widgets and Other Great Features of WordPress a Beginners Guide

Once you’ve installed WordPress and logged into your dashboard (also known as “admin panel”), you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the features. You may run into terminology (as well as features themselves) that are unfamiliar. The following are some of the most common features and

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Why Use WordPress?

When it comes to building a creating profitable niche websites, WordPress really outshines and other programs. WordPress is much more than just a blog software. When blogging first came about, marketers didn’t think much of it, not until they found out about the powers that syndication

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WordPress Duplicate Title Tag Issue

I have been getting some weird messages in Google webmaster tools, I think it could be a plugin I am using or the wordpress template, most probably I think it is a Google bot error? Webmaster tools is saying I have duplicate title tags. I have never

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