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The benefits of involving your staff with your social media

Social media has grown an extraordinary amount in the past few years, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter leading the way. Many businesses have already realised that they can benefit from the popularity of these sites by creating pages about them as a business, for their customers. In most cases, a company will have a designated person, or team, that deals with all aspects of the social networking. Getting your whole team involved can be an even better way to handle your campaigns however, let us take a look why.

A focused team or social media expert

Large companies will have a team dedicated to the social media side of things, who will normally work in marketing and advertising. This can be all very well and good for those that can afford it, but experts in this subject do not come cheap. Those who cannot afford a social media expert, or group, will depend on just one person to post updates on a regular basis to their pages. The issue is, when one person has been working on the social media pages for so long, they can find themselves getting repetitive or running out of ideas. With a focused team, or social media expert, these people are trained to constantly think of new ideas, work with current trends and highlight what is important to their customers. You don’t necessarily have to hire an expert from outside the company, you may find that you have a budding marketer sitting firmly within your ranks. Ask around and see who has the skills to be involved with your social media campaign, you may find a lot more hands are raised than you originally thought.

 Proper training                                                                                

Most people nowadays will know how to use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. It is almost as though they were born using them. The issue comes when you are using social media as a form of marketing, for which most people will not have the skills. Ensuring that those you are using for your campaigns have the right training is key in making sure those campaigns succeed. It could make a huge difference between paying someone to do an OK job and paying someone to do an incredible job. You would not trust somebody to work on your accounts if they had just a basic grasp of numbers, so you should not expect somebody to work on your social networking if they just use Facebook for personal use.                                                                                                    

Getting everybody involved

Some of the biggest companies really know how to utilise their social media pages and this is because they have the resources. You may be surprised to learn that even the smallest of companies have the resources right in front of them too. By getting everybody involved in the campaigns you can utilise a whole pool of knowledge, ideas and experience. Asking your staff about the pages they follow and like, why they do so and what makes these special, can be the first step in ensuring yours is up to scratch too. Take all of your staff (even the cleaner if you have too) on a short training course on social media so that they know what is expected of them when you start your campaign. The more minds you have working on your projects, the more interesting and varied that project will be.

Involving your staff with your social media is a great way of making them feel a part of the business, whether they are interested in marketing or not. Always make sure that those you have running your campaigns know exactly what they are doing and are fully trained before composing those all important Tweets.

David Palmer has worked in marketing for over a decade. Through the years he has seen different approaches come and go but the basics are always there. He is a firm believer that your employees are your best representatives, get them on side and your marketing is halfway done. He recommends who specialise in bringing the best out of your employees.


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