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The Do’s and Don’ts of Ecommerce Web Design

Imagine: You walk into a store and you’re greeted with a pile of mess. The items are everywhere, you wouldn’t even know where to start. To top it all off, you just can’t seem to find anyone who can help you find what you’re after.

Now imagine ending up in a website like that— can you even last a few seconds in there?

As an ecommerce practitioner, you need to have an online store with impeccable web design. Without it, it doesn’t matter how great your products and services are. So consider these do’s and don’ts to end up with the best possible ecommerce site.

1. Do have a simple design.

If there’s a situation where “There is order in chaos” doesn’t apply, it’s here. A simple design means you’re making it easy for your customers to shop. This in turn will yield to higher chances of selling more.

Simplicity in e-commerce means you’re able to seamlessly lead your customers from step 1 all the way until checkout process.

2. Don’t clutter the navigation path.

The navigation path consists of the categories and subcategories in your website. If you end up cluttering this, you’re going to overwhelm your site visitors and scare them away ultimately.

For instance you have the categories Furniture, Glassware, Kitchenware and Nursery Décor. Underneath these consist of subcategories like chairs, tables, pots, pans, cribs and more. To keep the navigation path clear, make use of the hover tool so that when your customers mouse-over a category, a fly-out menu will appear to show the subcategories.

3. Do have desirable images that load fast.

Pleasing pictures can easily lure your customers to actually buying the product. In fact, even before they read the product descriptions, they’re going to see the images first.

Make sure your product photos are original and not the ones from the manufacturer. If you can present them creatively, why not? Just make sure to incorporate alt tags into the images as well so they are optimized and crawlers can make sense of it.

4. Don’t put in a flash intro.

Flash intros will make you go backwards. Apart from that, you’re making it more difficult for your customers who don’t use (or have) flash in their devices. Here’s another loose end if you choose to go for it: Google will rank you much lower as crawlers aren’t for flash.

Instead of investing on that, why not use your money to build say, a better shopping cart system or hire better content creators to make every content unique on your page?

5. Do review your links from time to time.

Broken links are a big no, no, even in ecommerce websites. Say your customer is looking for a variation of the shirts you’re selling. Once he clicks on the link and it’s dead, think of how a big turn off that would be.

Review your links every now and then. See if they are leading to the correct page or if they’re not functioning. This way, you know that it will be great shopping experience for your customers.

Web design in ecommerce is critical to your business’ success. So make sure you keep these do’s and don’ts in mind and be on your way to selling better.

Nicole Samonte is a Content Specialist for Webcada, a web design and ecommerce company in Singapore. She spends the rest of her time guest-blogging for various websites.

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