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The growth and benefits of online companies holding conferences Guest Post

Online companies used to be just that; online. Nowadays, with a large portion of the business world being conducted online there have to be new ways for these companies to conduct themselves. No longer can they send a few e-mails back and forth in the hope to come up with new ideas, discuss competition and share thoughts. There has been a huge growth in online companies holding conferences and seminars for their followers, their customers and even their competition. We take a look at this growth and the benefits it has had for those particular businesses.

‘Mummy Blogger’ conferences     

Mummy blogging is a big business at the moment, with plenty of people taking on this new venture. Marketing companies have also seen the benefit of this new movement, having a completely new platform to advertise on. Two of the biggest mummy blogging websites in the World (Britmums and CyberMummy) have taken on conferencing and seminars in an effort to share ideas with the people that use them and provide even more opportunities for marketing and PR companies. Thousands of people have attended these conferences, in the hope to become Mummy Bloggers themselves, learn more about the techniques these businesses use and also as a way to connect with other like minded people. Online companies have seen this method and realised what an effective way it can be to promote their product, their teachings or their services.

Less trade shows, more conferences

With companies feeling the pinch during the recession, less of them are able to afford the giant stands they used to have at global trade shows. It is just too much of an expense to put forward in the hope of attracting new business, or using it as a marketing technique. This is why so many online companies have turned to conferences in an effort to create their own business, without paying events companies for tickets to a trade show. They can use the space of a conference centre as their own stand, as well as captivating the audience for as long as they require. The benefits to this are incredible, with no competition to fight for and less costs being put up for the privilege. Businesses can decide who they want to invite, or make it a ‘free for all’ by advertising tickets on their website. The flexibility of this method is also another benefit that has been experienced by many.

It seems as though conferences have come a long way since the days of being cramped in a stuffy room, with no particular interest in the subject. Marketing companies have seen the growth of companies using conferences and have since begun to pay these businesses to promote their products and services too. This means that not only do the conferences have a positive impact on the online business running them, but they can make a pretty penny off of them as well.

Bex Wilson is a marketer with her eye on the ball so she never misses the next new thing. She highly recommends a conference in the centre of Edinburgh, for those wanting to put on a conference in style.


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