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The Penguin Update

Since I named this site after one of Googles recent algorythm updates and (it’s a pretty hot topic right now) my first blog post is going to be about the nasty penguin, I have read many blogs and watched many videos about this update so I think I can give you a pretty rounded picture.

Firstly I just want to say penguin is not panda, I still see many people talking on various forums etc about penguin and on site factors like keyword stuffing, advising people to create “great content” the old Google cliche. I personally think Googles search results have worsened since April when they rolled out this update, what do you think? Has the worlds “pre-eminent” search engine gone mad?

Unfortunately it doesn’t really matter what we think becuase they still have market share, the majority of searchers haven’t realised any difference or they have just gotten so used to Google they can’t or won’t change. If you want search traffic you need to rank in Google.

Obviously keyword stuffing your pages and such like isn’t going to help your rankings anymore (it’s not the 90’s), but Penguin is about off site SEO. It’s about your link profile they called it their webspam update and said it would only affect about 12% of queries. Judging by the comments about 997 people disagreed.

Panda was about on page factors, site load speed, userbility etc.

Does your analytics look like this?

The above analytics account belongs to a site hit by the smelly penguin, see the big drop in traffic on April 24th 2012, if your analytics looks like this your site was hit too.

What can you do about it? Quite simply you need to look at your link profile, some people say the penguin was targeting sites that excessively used the same anchor text, it makes sense because that would be the easiest thing for the search engines to see, if you had 500 incoming links and 499 said the same thing it would be unlikely those links had been built naturally would’nt it?

I have found some sites with excessive anchor text still ranking though, do you know of any such sites? Others say it has to do with the pages your links are found on, if they are spammy the links will be discounted or as appears to be the case for some you may even be penalised.

What do you think it is? I think it’s prbably a mixture of both excessive anchor text and links from bad neighbourhoods. If you have 500 incoming links and 499 say the same thing but all 500 links come from trusted sites like the BBC, The Sun, The Times etc you might be ok.

If you had the same anchor text ratios but all the links were on splogs or forum profiles and .edu blog comments your probably doomed.

Has your site been hit by penguin? Have you recovered from the slap?

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