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The power of a franchise

Franchises are becoming more and more popular, as people constantly struggle to find new ideas or set up businesses of their own. Having a ‘ready-made’ business can be the perfect thing for those who want to be their own boss, without having to deal with a lot of the red tape that setting up a business entails. This article takes a look at what a franchise is and the benefits to the franchisee, as well as to the community surrounding the new franchise.

What is a franchise?                                                                                                           

planningA franchise is a ‘ready-made’ business that has already been established and is ready for you to take on. This could be in the form of an eatery, such as the Subway food chain, or even a care home. In most cases it is up to you to find a business location and then everything from the stock to training can be provided for you.

The franchisee will pay an agreed amount of money with the owner of the franchise for an opportunity that allows them to be in their own boss in a tough market. The name, branding and marketing is already in place, so now it is down to you to make it work.

Many franchises will offer a unique package that will include various benefits such as training, ongoing support and even uniforms. Always check with the franchise you are interested in as to what is included in their package.

The benefits for the franchisee

Never again will you have to worry about being fired, impressing the boss or facing pay cuts. The reality is that you will become your own boss and will experience all of the benefits that come with that. Of course, you will need to be self motivated as owning a franchise isn’t going to be a walk in the park. You can’t stroll in at midday for an hour and then expect your business to run itself. However, you will have full control over your hours and what you expect to gain from the company.

Running your own franchise can have a wonderful impact on your bank balance and even your self confidence. For all those people that have heard ‘You’ll never be a manager in this company’ or something similar, now you can be your own manager. The financial benefits are bound to be great, as long as you pick the right franchise and work on making it fantastic.

The benefits for everybody

It is not just the franchisee that will benefit from opening up a new business in their area, it is also the community and economy. The fact is, many more jobs will be available and more money will be fed back into the local areas.

If you are thinking of opening a care home then more people who are out of jobs due to the NHS cutbacks will now have work. There will also be a safe place for the elderly to live and for their friends and family to visit them.




Of course, the real power of a franchise is much greater than this article could ever put into words. As well as creating jobs and empowering the economy, it gives the franchisee more confidence and a nicer looking bank balance too. Always make sure that you work hard on your chosen business and strive to make it a success!

Hannah Dennet has worked in marketing for over a decade and currently writes for

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