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What Exactly is Google Penguin and How Does it Affect Your Business

Penguin and babyGoogle is the major search engine, the world’s pre-eminent search engine if we read their own meta description. From time to time the search engine giant releases major updates of its algorithm, they say they do this in order to suit their users. Penguin is one of Google’s most recent updates another is called panda.

Since Google was launched bloggers and companies all over the world have tried to violate the search giants webmaster guidelines. They use malicious and spam techniques referred to as black-hat SEO, they use these techniques to gain good rankings. Black-hat SEO tactics have included: keyword stuffing, cloaking, malicious link schemes and creating duplicate content. Google Penguin was launched with the aim of extinguishing such illegal methods, no one knows for certain but it is believed penguin mainly targets sites with bad link profiles.

So, what’s Google Penguin?

In simple terms, Google Penguin has been designed by Google to combat the black-hat SEO techniques used by naughty webmasters. It was launched in 2012 to clean up all the spam in Google. In the below video Google say, their goal is to provide users with high quality, relevant information.

All updates of this algorithm have been a blow to those using unethical SEO practices. Google can spot bad or irrelevant links and demote sites using them. It is thought one way Google achieves this is by tracking how fast your website acquires back links. Penguin is an algorithm that evaluates link quality, which qualifies the link building efforts of a website as either legal or illegal. Its attack is primarily focused on locking out spammers.

How to improve rankings post penguin

There’s a lot of talk on issues to do with legit websites being bashed by Google because of unethical SEO practices. As a webmaster, you need to ensure that all your SEO techniques comply with the Webmaster Guidelines released by Google. Steer clear of techniques and practices that promote link schemes or spam, stay away from cheap SEO’s who sell link wheels, spun articles or blog network links.

Also, choose a reputable and professional SEO firm to handle your SEO services, try my blog post, questions to ask an SEO company. Focus only on original content in order to build natural links, use guest posting with a lot of care to avoid your website being bashed as a spammer.

Try social sharing to network and improve the reputation of your website, relying more on social networks such as Google+ and Facebook, submit to quality regional directories like the ones you can find in my list of free UK directories, if you offer services or sell products to local customers try local optimisation.

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