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What would your business be like without a brand?

The biggest 100 companies in the world all have one thing in common; a strong brand. Businesses without a brand tend to find themselves struggling to even launch, never mind compete with the big boys. Let’s take a look at what some of the most popular businesses would be like without their branding and what you can do to be more like them.

5 of the biggest companies in the world and their brand

Here are five of the world’s biggest companies by things such as revenue, market share and the suchlike. Each company has a unique way of branding their product or service, so what would they be like without that?

1)      Coca Cola – Extremely popular soft drink that is recognisable by the red and white cans or bottles. Take away their branding and they simply sell fizzy sugar. Coca Cola spends a lot of money on their marketing campaigns, and have honed their brand down to a fine art. Everybody expects to see the Coca Cola advert at Christmas and to see their bottles or cans in the supermarket. A little known fact is that in several blind taste tests, people prefer the taste of supermarket’s own or even (dare I say it) Pepsi!

2)      Subway – They sell sandwiches. So do Greggs, so do most supermarkets and bakeries. So what makes Subway so special? The bright colours of the illuminated sign is one thing that is going to catch your eye as you walk down the street. As are there catchy marketing campaigns such as ‘sub of the day’. Without their branding, they would just be, well, a sandwich shop.


3)      Amazon – Love them, or hate them, Amazon knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to branding. People just have to see the smiley face type arrow to know exactly who they are dealing with. Their branding has built up trust and familiarity. Without it, people would still be using eBay a lot more.
4)      Apple – Their marketing is absolutely genius. Every single one of their marketing team needs a pat on the back. The thing is, they can just drop a sentence into an advert for it to become recognised by them. Their colours aren’t particularly eye-catching or bold, neither is their ‘says it on the tin’ logo. In days gone by however, the Apple logo was multi-coloured and a little outdated. Without their branding, they wouldn’t even have made this list. They sell overpriced equipment that comes with a name, a logo and a brand that people recognise. Simple!


5)      Google – This list wasn’t going to be complete without the World’s biggest company, full stop. There is nothing overly edgy or exciting about Google, and they’ve broken a big branding rule by having more than two colours in their logo. Poor search engine equivalents had simply no hope with the simple design and clever marketing.


All of these businesses would be nowhere without their branding. They don’t necessarily have to use bright colours to be recognised, many of these do just the opposite. The simple fact is, branding is important and your marketing campaign will be redundant without it. People want to feel an element of trust from your business, as well as having something recognisable that they can relate to. If you are just starting a business, or are working on a re-brand, have a look through some more of the world’s big companies and take some tips from the experts.


Lainy Charles is a marketing commentator and self confessed blog lover. Over the years trawling the internet she has picked up a few tips and likes to share them with her readers. She always recommends when discussing a brand/ rebrand to speak to speak to the professionals who can lead you in the right direction and help you make an impact.

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