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Why Use WordPress?

When it comes to building a creating profitable niche websites, WordPress really outshines and other programs. WordPress is much more than just a blog software.

When blogging first came about, marketers didn’t think much of it, not until they found out about the powers that syndication through RSS feed has. With RSS feeds, we can all now reach out to our target markets, we wouldn’t have been able to reach or target these markets so effectively before.
With WordPress sites, there is a built in function that syndicates, most of blog platforms like Blogger don’t have this capability.

The other benefit of WordPress is that it has some of the most powerful features around, these features make it a small business owner and online marketers dream come true. For example, WordPress contains an automatic pinging function. The blog platform will automatically ping various blog directories of your choosing every time a new post is published. This is a very powerful feature because it enables WordPress and blog directories to be notified when you add new content, this get your content indexed and puts it on the internet in the same day. In other words, you can post something, then find it in the directories or even in search engines on the same day. This adds more incoming links to your site, which results in higher search rankings.

blogplatformsWordPress also has categories. Categories may not seem like that big of a deal but once you figure out that you can name the category titles to the keywords that you’re targeting. This feature gives you a huge advantage over other websites and other blogging platforms/tools. You can have tons of categories that are named using your target keywords and also be able to post relevant content in that category. With a game plan, you can really kill competitors your niche and achieve much higher search engine rankings by using WordPress.

One of my favourite things about wordpress is the plugins and themes. Just imagine that you’re in the middle of putting together a website and decide that you don’t like the way it looks. You can change the theme of the website without affecting the content that is on the website. Plus with plugins, you can install types of software that help protect your site from spam, add eBay auctions to your websites, backing up your files and much, much, much more.

In my opinion wordpress is the future for online marketing, has changed the way people build websites. Ten years ago, you had to read through books as big as a dictionary just to understand the basics of website building. Now it can be learnt by anyone through articles and videos. You’ll be up and running in about a week’s time after watching videos and reading e books. If you would like some help with wordpress design and set up get in touch.

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