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Why Web Hosting is Important To Your SEO

seomanGoogle considers over 200 variables when they rank websites, but most people only focus on a handful of them, like backlinks, DoFollow links, PageRank, etc. What most people don’t consider is how their Web host affects their rankings. Believe it or not, a host can either help you ascend to search engine divinity, or drag you down to the lowest page. Here are a few SEO variables that hosting can affect.

Fewer Links To Your Site

This is an indirect impact that may or may not affect you, but studies on user behavior say that this commonly happens. If your website is slow, then people are less likely to recommend or link to your website. Google loves these links, and (technically) they should make up most of your linking profile.

If people are less likely to link to you, then your rankings are going to suffer. Not only that, but some people may think that your website is down if it’s moving too slowly. If it doesn’t load within a minute or so, then many users will pass you on for competitors.

If you want organic links, then you need to make sure that your website is as fast as possible.

Lower Site Speed

Google is obsessed with the user experience. You could consider it a secondary objective of theirs. The first is finding relevant pages, the second is cherry-picking those websites to find the best ones for users. This might seem a little unfair at first, but it does a good job of removing the spammy sites.

One of those 200 variables that Google considers is site speed. If your website is slow, then the spiders are going to report this back to Google, which is going to respond by dropping or rankings. This can have a major effect on your website because only those that provide the best experience will hold the top rankings.

Another thing to consider is that you will have fewer customers if you are selling products. People are much less likely to buy from slow sites, so a bad host isn’t just hurting your SEO; they’re hurting your entire bottom line and business.


If your host is providing poor site speed, then you are probably also facing some terrible downtime issues. A good host will provide you with a 99.9% or higher uptime guarantee, but how is your host currently doing?

There are many third-party services that you can find through Google that objectively check the host’s uptime. If the host isn’t at least at 99%, then ditch them for someone else. Most good hosts will do better than their uptime guarantee.

This is another factor that Google considers: downtime. If your website is commonly crashing, going down or just offline, then your rank is going to slip. Just keep this in mind: is my host helping the user experience? No one likes downtime. An offline website is going to fall down the search engines pages very quickly.

Blocked IP Address

The above factors are very common, but this problem only tends to affect the worst of the worst hosts. We’re talking about hosts for just $10 or less a year that are the breeding ground of spammers that love taking advantage of the Google algorithm. While this isn’t a common problem, it can affect you.

There are many spammy websites on the Internet. If these websites get too prolific, then they are often banned from the search engines. This ban usually affects the website’s IP address, which goes back to the host’s server. If there are too many spammy websites on the server, then every website associated with that server might be blacklisted.

A blacklisted website is almost impossible to rank. It can take months of work, and even that isn’t guaranteed to lift the ban. You shouldn’t have this problem with most hosts, but it’s always good to check.


Getting a good host isn’t just about having enough resources and ensuring that your website loads quickly enough for users. It can also affect your SEO rankings if the servers are slow and often down. If you don’t want to get caught in this awkward position, then it’s best to choose a good host from the beginning. Not only that, but good hosts are often just as affordable as the bad ones, so you aren’t saving any money by using the wrong host.

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