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WordPress Duplicate Title Tag Issue

I have been getting some weird messages in Google webmaster tools, I think it could be a plugin I am using or the wordpress template, most probably I think it is a Google bot error? Webmaster tools is saying I have duplicate title tags. I have never seen this duplicate title tag message for any of my other sites, it’s strange. I am using exactly the same plugins on all my sites, so I think that rules out a plugin error.

I saw this post on, it describes the same thing I am seeing. He thinks it is a negative SEO attack. I don’t agree with that, this site is only 2 weeks old, it’s not likely someone would waste their time.

See the screen shot from my webmaster tools account below.

Just shows how paranoid people are becoming about negative SEO, maybe Google is playing some kind of game with webmaster tools?

I don’t think it is anything to worry about because all wordpress sites will show a duplicate page if you put some funny random number after the url, the funny random number posts aren’t showing in my xml sitemap, I believe that rules out the possibility my site is generating them.

I have just 301’d the funny URLs over to the correct one, seems to only be doing it on posts, could get quite annoying if I have to 301 dodgy URLs every week.

  • Dukeo

    Why don’t you just 404 all the invalid urls?

  • Becuase they still relate to a valid post on the site

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